So glad you came by to see us. Grab your boots and your overalls and come join us for a life lesson in good food, nurturing place and tending to joy. It’s a full time job – filled with lots of dirt, laughter and mistakes… but alas, farming is honorable work and we are so glad that you have joined us on our journey.


Our Mission

Our farm is located on 27 acres of ridgetop in the heart of the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin. We started farming in 2011 and enjoy being schooled by nature. As temporary ‘care takers’ of this small piece of land we dedicate ourselves to preserve biodiversity, restore soil health and feed our community.

We are a motley crew, aged between upper forties and young seventies, and we are just getting started! It’s hard to believe that at this point in our lives that we have come together to simplify and do our part in stemming the tide of food globalization and corporate agriculture. We dedicate our efforts to our children and our community, to spread the importance of seed diversity, healthy soils and a strong local food economy.

At Second Cloud On The Left Farm our mission is to grow and share the story of heirloom, endangered and rare produce varieties.

As farmers we go through tireless efforts to maintain fresh, healthy food for future generations and overall planetary health, while giving back to the soil that feeds us.

We also firmly believe that food is medicine. Every day we make a choice as to what we put into our bodies. There is no deep secret to a healthy life. Just eat natural, wholesome foods. As Michael Pollan clearly states, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” and you should be in good stead.

We feel a deep calling to this work. Growing food for others is such profound and honorable work. We are grateful for your support.


“Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it.”

— Heather Morgan, MS, NLC


Our Location

s3018 West Salem Ridge Road, La Farge, WI 54639  – 231-330-1614 email –

No public hours established YET!

Vistors welcome – please call as you might want to bring your overalls and boots.  We might just put you to work!

As you are headed out of Viroqua on Highway 14, toward Westby, take a right onto county Y toward Avalanche. Travel on County Y for about 9 miles. As you round the curve into Avalanche take a left onto County S Take first right onto and UP Smart Hollow. As you crest the top of Smart Hollow take the first left. You are now on Salem Ridge Road.  Pass the German looking castle/home on your right  and there is a bank of mailboxes on your right. This group of mailboxes is exactly where our driveway starts. Take that hard right on to our driveway. You will see two hoop houses on your right.

Watch for dogs… they will love to escort your car down the drive