Drew Fisher


Drew Fisher is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. He also is chief soil therapist here on the farm, mastering our soil block making processes.  He makes fresh bread every morning and is king of all things water.  He manages all of our irrigation issues, oversees the wash and pack shed and serves up a smile and a belly laugh large enough to brighten even the cloudiest of days.  


John Booker


Moving on from his days as a gear head at shipyards, John Booker manages all things mechanical on the farm.  His love for systems and process bring a welcomed discipline to our farm.  John manages all of the carpentry projects, large build-outs and mechanical supports that are necessary to keep our farm humming.   


Toril Booker-Fisher


In addition to being the farm fashion maven on the farm, Toril oversees all aspect of farm management from planning, marketing, sales, financials and hands on labor.  Toril feels that being a small farmer is a form of activism.  Feeding her community and nurturing the soil brings her great joy.